Yes Is The Answer

by Grand Hallway

(An Introduction) (free) 00:18
Seward Park 04:09
Let's drive around at night illuminate headlights We'll find a field of grass and we'll pass the hours slow dancing away The years of all the hurt falling on the dirt yea I know you've got scars the deepest kind that refuses to fade but I love you dear, I love you dear I love you dear, I love you dear "Yes" is always the answer and "Yes" is always the word that we sing Under the light of the moon painted in silver and blues I'll lead you out of the dark to old Seward Park, old Seward Park again I love you dear, I love you dear In the blue light, blue light
You wrote these words on a summer day Fountain pen floating with partial dismay It's a strange business, looking back Seeing just how far you fell Deacons of war and econo-maze Beating life out of the inanimate (So many moonrises lying in wait) As you turn your collar inside out Counting the number of waves Cresting and breaking Bakers still baking and carpenters making their beds "Able was I, ere I saw Elba" Able was I? And they buried me in the ground You're never too small to leave a mark Oh yea, oh yea, oh yea, Oh.
darling wife, my darling wife won't you stay awake another life our kids have grown, they've left our home they are doing fairly well out on their own don't work too hard my darling wife do you recall our citadel the chlorephyllic wedding bells we sailed in spite of the putrid gales to the land where we were free to fail we hid our scars 'neath mid-priced cars we fed our foes a feeble flower we worked our grimace into a glower when we were young birds red white and blue birds red white and blue birds no don't forget the yellow birds darling, wife do not close your eyes darling, wife
Piano Room 03:34
Baby, my baby I do what I can for you Lately, my baby I feel like you're looking for proof Like what do I do on nights like these? When I am so drunk I'm down on my knees When I can't tell red from blue I'll tell you what I do I'll tell you what I do I lock myself up in the Piano Room Slumped on a stool I make like a fool Resting my head in the key of C That way you'll see That I fell asleep (I fell asleep here, alone) Far from the home where I store my things The bed and the sheets kindly offering To wait 'til I write this tune So I can prove, so that I can prove That I locked myself in the Piano Room Penguins mate for life, my dear Preying Mantis eat their lovers (or so I hear) For heaven's sake! There must be a way of some compromise that would be adequate for a woman and man, like you and me And that's what I mean Yea, that's what I mean When I lock myself in the Piano Room So I conclude, and offer as proof: This song that I wrote in the Piano Room.
Giant Novels 03:39
i'm the harbinger of love i was made to lift you up though you may not know my name you know my work in the rhymes you may have heard as a clue in the sunday crosswords though the answer is obscure my face is clear i'm the harbinger of love i've been known to fuck you up in the way that gasoline can kill a headache what a headache i'll save you a trip if you save me a beer i'll reappear when you want me to yea, that's what i'll do what a headache what a headache... love
Minimum Wage 03:22
there's a full moon taking up the sky and a red eye flight that won't collide with the clouds that roll and pirouette even though they are aligned with it oh the air smells like a cheap bouquet in the night, with hints of ocean's grey and the chill behind my ears do say this september's near the end minimum wage took my baby far away see a jug of milk, a dozen eggs laid lovingly in a paper nest by a wood bee mum in a blue bonnet now they all will read like epithets minimum wage took my baby far away took my baby far away don't feel a thing in the back of her car you little child don't you know where you are? counting the voids where there should have been stars so the rain makes small puddles of feet three sheets to the wind indiscrete and the moon, that moon, that goddamn moon! still taking up room in the sky
Philadelphia 04:03
Brooklyn 04:07
City tilts her crooked face Press her lips against my ear Whisper secrets that I'd longed to hear for so long Waking hazel eyes observe Aging storefronts, undisturbed I see God in all the tiniest crevices of man-made subway tracks I want a place to go when it's dark and cold I want someone to hold, even when I'm old and I want to settle down settle down with you You've got such a pretty face Even on your ugly days I hope that it rains for weeks on end With one umbrella between Between, between the two of us I want a place to live when it's dark and cold I want a love to give, even when I'm old and I want to settle down settle down with you City tilts her crooked face City tilts her crooked face I see God in all the tiniest crevices of Man.
As A Tower 06:43
Oh father, when I see that look in your eyes I know you are afraid of dying And if we cannot quell the silence in strides would it be for our lack of trying? Time, unyielding In the hour We had held you As a tower Though I see the love and strength that fuel your resolve We must not let it go unspoken Oh father, though I strive to earn your regard the path I choose will be uneven You say this journey's always meant to be hard Please think of me as I am leaving Time unyielding In the hour We had held you As a tower For you see the present tense will surely evolve We must not let it grow so broken Oh father, when we finally cross this divide there will be no more need for fleeing You will recognize the flame that burns in my eyes for it's the very same one you planted there, upon the evening.


released August 1, 2007

All songs written by Tomo Nakayama (c)2007, except "Philadelphia" by Neil Young (Silver Fiddle Music, ASCAP)
Produced and Mixed by Jeramy Koepping
Recorded by Moe Provencher at Jack Straw Productions, Jeramy Koepping at Park Studio, and by Tomo Nakayama with help from Keith Negley
Mastered by Ed Brooks at RFI
Recording and production made possible through the Jack Straw Productions' Artist Support Program
Artwork by Heisuke Kitazawa (PCP) and Lacey Carnahan


all rights reserved



Grand Hallway Seattle, Washington

Grand Hallway is Tomo Nakayama and friends from Seattle, Washington. We make chamber-pop/art-rock/indie-folk music. Contact: GRANDHALLWAY@GMAIL.COM

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