Piano Room

from Yes Is The Answer by Grand Hallway



Baby, my baby
I do what I can for you
Lately, my baby
I feel like you're looking for proof
Like what do I do on nights like these?
When I am so drunk I'm down on my knees
When I can't tell red from blue
I'll tell you what I do
I'll tell you what I do
I lock myself up in the Piano Room

Slumped on a stool
I make like a fool
Resting my head in the key of C
That way you'll see
That I fell asleep
(I fell asleep here, alone)
Far from the home where I store my things
The bed and the sheets kindly offering
To wait 'til I write this tune
So I can prove, so that I can prove
That I locked myself in the Piano Room

Penguins mate for life, my dear
Preying Mantis eat their lovers
(or so I hear)
For heaven's sake! There must be a way
of some compromise that would be adequate
for a woman and man, like you and me

And that's what I mean
Yea, that's what I mean
When I lock myself in the Piano Room

So I conclude, and offer as proof:
This song that I wrote in the Piano Room.


from Yes Is The Answer, released August 1, 2007


all rights reserved



Grand Hallway Seattle, Washington

Grand Hallway is Tomo Nakayama and friends from Seattle, Washington. We make chamber-pop/art-rock/indie-folk music. Contact: GRANDHALLWAY@GMAIL.COM

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